The Palms at Three Sisters - English
The Legend of Three Sisters Rocks
Bahamas Real Estate
  The tale of the rocks at Three Sisters beach is rich in Bahamian lore. An English captain brought his ship to the Bahamas looking for treasure. When he took harbor in Exuma for protection from a great storm, he met 3 beautiful sisters. Each fell in love with him. Finally the day came for him and his crew to set sail. Each sister, one by one, jumped into the sea to try and swim after his ship. Unfortunately, all 3 drowned in their effort. After each died, a rock sprung up from the ocean marking the location. Ever since, Bahamians have considered the area of the Three Sisters rocks as a place of good luck and romance. Even today, many Bahamians exchange their wedding vows on this magical beach.


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Q: How are closings handled on a property in the Bahamas?
A: Closings are conducted by attorneys. Ownership of residential property is in the form of a mortgage (similar to United States deed of trust). Title insurance is similar to that of the United States as well.
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Q: Can a non-Bahamian purchase real estate in the Bahamas?
A: Yes. Under the International Persons Landholding Act, 1993, all alien land holdings must be registered. With an annual fee, individuals purchasing in the Bahamas are entitled to a Home Owner Resident Card which allows unlimited entry into the country for the duration of the card.
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Q: Are there any fees as part of the purchase process of The Palms at Three Sisters?
A: No. Once your deposit is accepted, a qualified agent of Three Sisters will handle the purchasing process (at no cost to you), similar to purchasing in the United States.
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Q: What is the local language in the Bahamas?
A: Citizens speak English.
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Q: What is the currency and valuation?
A: The Bahamian dollar which is on par with the United States dollar (B$1 = $1)
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Q: What is the strength of the Bahamas economy?
A: Tourism is the #1 industry followed by the Financial Services industry
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Q: Are there any investment benefits in the Bahamas?
A: Yes. No capital gains tax, corporate earnings tax, income tax or inheritance tax (always consult with your attorney &/or accountant for more information).
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Q: How far away is Great Exuma from the United States, United Kingdom & Nassau?
A: Only 90 minute flight from Florida, 9 hours from United Kingdom & 30 minutes from Nassau. There are several commercial flights daily from multiple carriers as well as private aircrafts.
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Q: What is the weather like in Great Exuma?
A: Average temperature is 78°F (26°C). Trade winds keep temperatures very pleasant year round.
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Q: Is Great Exuma a safe location to live and purchase on?
A: The United States has a Blackhawk helicopter base located on Exuma which is within the American Security Zone.
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Q: What is the history of hurricanes in Exuma?
A: According to historical records ( Exuma has not been hit by a category 5 hurricane since 1928. However, being in tropical waters there is no way to predict the future weather. An early evacuation process is in place should necessity require it.
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Q: What is the government of the Bahamas?
A: English common law jurisdiction. Democratic government, independent since 1973. Part of the British crown for over 300 years before independence.
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Q: Who invests in the Exumas?
A: Many celebrities and high profile/net worth individuals have already invested in property &/or purchased other islands in the Exumas, increasing the exposure & demand of the islands.
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