The Palms at Three Sisters - English
The Legend of Three Sisters Rocks
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  The tale of the rocks at Three Sisters beach is rich in Bahamian lore. An English captain brought his ship to the Bahamas looking for treasure. When he took harbor in Exuma for protection from a great storm, he met 3 beautiful sisters. Each fell in love with him. Finally the day came for him and his crew to set sail. Each sister, one by one, jumped into the sea to try and swim after his ship. Unfortunately, all 3 drowned in their effort. After each died, a rock sprung up from the ocean marking the location. Ever since, Bahamians have considered the area of the Three Sisters rocks as a place of good luck and romance. Even today, many Bahamians exchange their wedding vows on this magical beach.


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Why Invest in The Palms at Three Sisters?

According to the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism, from 2000 to 2006, foreign visitors to Exuma have increased by 325%! The anchor of the island, the Four Seasons Resort at Emerald Bay, instantaneously put Great Exuma on the map of exclusive luxury destinations. With a price tag close to $1 Billion, Emerald Bay has created stability & established the island as a "can't miss" investment opportunity. The new Crab Cay development will expand the exclusive clientele of Great Exuma as well. Home sites will start at $1.5 Million up to $25 Million.

Located on one of the most desired oceanfront parcels of land on Great Exuma, The Palms at Three Sisters has it all. Many locals and visitors have deemed the Three Sisters beach the best on the island. Only 3 miles from Exuma International Airport, property owners and guests have quick and easy access in-and-out of Exuma. Also, only 3 miles from Emerald Bay makes for a short trip to play a round of golf or take a chance at the casino.